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What aerial hoop is, and what's great about it. Plus a bit about me and about classes.



Hangs, balances, core, strength, flexibility, stamina. Hoop from the fitness angle.



Four albums. The Class of 2018 plus a selection of beginner, intermediate and advanced hoop moves.   



Answers to some questions you might be wondering about.   



Everything you need to know about class times, venues, dates, prices, clothes and bodies (well, perhaps not everything about bodies).



Addresses, maps, directions, email, Facebook, Instagram. The usual stuff. 


aerial hoop move lying on upper back, ankle resting on top bar

What is aerial hoop?

Aerial hoop is a gymnastic, circus-y type of exercise that you do using a large steel hoop suspended in mid-air.  You may have seen aerial hoops in The Greatest Showman film or Cirque du Soleil shows. Aerial hoop develops muscular strength, flexibility, balance, core stability, coordination, and spatial skills. You don't have to be an acrobat to start  hoop. You don't even have to be strong. By working gradually, your strength and flexibility soon grow, and you start to amaze yourself at what you can do. 

aerial hoop move hanging by right inside elbow and right inside knee, wrists crossed, knees locked

Who are you?

My name is Debora Field. I started doing aerial hoop just before my 50th birthday. Aerial hoop has become very important in my life. Last year at the age of 54 I was delighted and very lucky to be able to move away from my old desk job and into a new life as an aerial fitness instructor in my own business. As a qualified aerial hoop instructor and personal trainer, I am thoroughly enjoying introducing others to the joys and benefits of aerial hoop. Teaching hoop is even more rewarding than I ever imagined it could be.

aerial hoop Crossover assisted by teacher, woman upside down resting on front hip, ankles on hoop

What about the classes?

Aerial hoop classes take place in three venues: 

(1) Bendrigg Trust near Old Hutton (and the M6). Classes are on Friday afternoons, Sunday afternoons and Sunday evenings. 

(2) Westmorland CrossFit in Kendal town centre. Classes are on Wednesday evenings and Tuesday mornings.

(3) Lower Holker Village Hall in Cark near Flookburgh.  Doubles and one-to-one Classes are available here at mutually suitable times by arrangement with Debora  

Aerial hoop is for everybody. You don't have to be young, female, slim, tall, or even beautiful! People who like doing aerial hoop LOVE aerial hoop. It makes us feel powerful, positive, confident and happy. Come along and discover the joys of aerial fitness.

Your first class will cost less than half the regular price. (How can you resist?!)


Welcome to the wonderful world of aerial hoop!

First class less than half price. Come and turn your world upside down.

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